Malycgos's lair


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Attacks and Abilities

Malygos has roughly 6,900,000 health in normal difficulty, and 19,523,000 health in heroic difficulty. His physical attack speed is slow, but his attacks deal a large amount of damage.

Phase 1

* Arcane Breath: Deals 18850 to 21150 normal, 28275 to 31725 heroic, Arcane damage in a 40 yard cone in front of Malygos. Leaves a debuff which, after 5 seconds, causes the person to explode and deal 9425 to 10575 normal, 18850 to 21150 heroic, Arcane damage to nearby friends.

* Arcane Storm: Fires arcane missiles into the air, which strike a random number of targets for 9425 to 10575 Arcane damage. Malygos will turn to the primary target of this ability when he uses it.

* Vortex: Malygos takes off from the ground and spins up a whirling vortex of Arcane energy, tossing the raid around and dealing 2000 Arcane damage every second for 10 seconds. When Vortex ends, everyone will be dropped around the center of the platform and take up to 10% of their maximum health in falling damage. (Warlocks can place a demonic circle and escape the Vortex allowing them to continue DPS and recieve no damage).

* Power Sparks: At regular intervals throughout the encounter, a portal will appear in the empty space away from the platform, between two of the pillars, and spawn a Power Spark. This Power Spark will slowly move towards Malygos and must be killed before reaching him, otherwise Malygos will gain a temporary buff which increases all damage done by 50%. When a Power Spark is killed, it will leave a temporary patch of electricity on the ground which increases the damage dealt by those standing in it by 50%. It is possible to kill multiple Power Sparks in the same position, which will in turn stack the 50% damage buff multiple times. During Vortex, any living Power Sparks will stop moving; however, once you begin to fall from Vortex, they will start moving again. Power Sparks can be snared, rooted, stunned, incapacitated, and so on. Death Knights may use Death Grip to pull multiple Power Sparks to the same spot for a massive damage boost.

* Enrage: Malygos has a 10 minute enrage timer, at which point his damage is increased by 1000%. This timer carries over across all phases, therefore the entire encounter must be completed within 10 minutes.

Phase 2

Malygos will take to the sky and stops using all of his previous abilities at 50% health. Any Power Sparks that reach him after phase 2 begins will have no effect.

* Arcane Storm: Fires arcane missiles into the air, which strike a random number of targets for 9425 to 10575 Arcane damage.

* Deep Breath: Deals 5000 Arcane damage per second to the whole raid for 5 seconds. Cast at regular intervals. A warning, 'Malygos takes a deep breath,' is given before Malygos uses this. This ability does not effect anyone flying on a disc.

* Power Overload: Purple anti-magic zones will periodically appear on the platform, reducing all magic damage taken while standing inside by 50%. These zones will shrink as time goes on, forcing you to move to a newer one. Will knock-back anyone nearby when they spawn.

Nexus Lord

Nexus Lords will spawn at the beginning of phase 2. They stand upon floating discs and descend to the ground. They must be tanked normally and will drop their discs on the ground when they die, allowing physical classes to fly up and engage the Scions of Eternity.

* Arcane Shock: Deals 9425 to 10575 normal, 14138 to 15862 heroic, Arcane damage.

* Haste: Increases movement, casting, and attack speed by 100% for 15 seconds. Can be dispelled.

Scion of Eternity

Scions of Eternity will spawn at the beginning of phase 2. They fly upon floating discs, which puts them out of the melee range of anyone on the platform. They have no aggro table and will periodically cast Arcane Barrage on random targets. When one dies, it will drop it's disc to the ground, allowing melee classes to fly up and engage them.

* Arcane Barrage: Deals 14138 to 15862 normal, 16965 to 19035 heroic, Arcane damage to a random target.

Phase 3

Malygos will shatter the platform when all of the Scions of Eternity and Nexus Lords are dead, beginning phase 3. The raid will drop onto red dragons, which will be used to kill Malygos. Malygos stops using all previous abilities in this phase.

* Arcane Pulse: Deals 28275 to 31725 Arcane damage to anyone within 30 yards of Malygos.

* Static Field: Creates a blue, electric-looking orb on a random target. This orb deals 9425 to 10575 Arcane damage per second to anyone within 30 yards of it.

* Surge of Power: Malygos will target a random person and give them a warning that Malygos is focusing on them. Malygos will then shoot a beam at his target, dealing 12000 Arcane damage every half second for 3 seconds, as well as 5000 Arcane damage per second to anyone near the primary target for 5 second
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For 10 man maly each dps needs to be pushing at least 3k dps, idk about 25man though
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Re: Malygos

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