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Postby Castany/Tief » Mon Mar 26, 2012 6:04 pm

If you arn't in our SWTOR branch, or don't care, than don't worry about this.

Grubby and Indicas if you want to comment on the classes needed or how I should edit the post than please do so.

<Low Brow> is recruiting select PvPers in order to prepare for Rated Warzones with 1.2.

The core membership are all rerolled Battlemasters/War Heros from a low population server (Hedarr Soongh) who got tired of long queues and ~20 people on the fleet all the time.

We are actively searching for people with a similar background who are planning to participate and progress through rated warzones, and want a good group of teammates and friends to play with.

We are currently leveling to 50. We will all be 50 within the next week, and will begin to farm as much PvP gear as possible before the patch. With the inclusion of the lvl126 vendor PvP set you just need to be committed to being 50 before 1.2.

We emphasize teamwork, communication, and above all else, winning.

Our current roster:

Gruby - DPS Assassin
Indicaz - DPS Operative
Nki - Healing Operative
Bloob - Powertech

What we want/need still for our core:

DPS and Healing Sorc
Tank Assassin

We are open to considering virtually any class/spec combination, but you must play it well.

You must:
- have ventrillo and a working mic
- have a somewhat predictable play schedule
- be committed to team oriented pvp
- be committed to progressing your SWTOR pvp rating
- have a good attitude
- be willing to work to improve your skills

If you are interested contact Indicaz, Gruby, or Nki in game and we will set up a time to play together and see if we get along on vent.
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